Land Clearing Services Pittsburgh


Land Clearing Services Pittsburgh

Land Clearing in Pittsburgh is no easy task. The terrain in Pittsburgh can be challenging and the size of trees can be a toll on equipment. Our team handles these tough jobs day in and day out. We run the highest horsepower machines on the market to make sure you site prep, brush removal, cedar tree clearing, and forestry mulching jobs are handled correctly the first time.

Pittsburgh is home to some beautiful scenery but also has a massive problem with invasive species trees, namely the pesky cedar tree or Ash Juniper, Chinese Tallow, and Chinese Privet.

Forestry Mulching In Pittsburgh

We handle land clearing services in Pittsburgh a little different than the competition. Where a lot of companies will use a bulldozer or skid steer to push out and pile the trees to burn, we looked for a much more eco-friendly and cost effective approach. That is why we run high horsepower forestry mulchers. These machines unlike a mulcher attachment on a skid steer, can clear multiple acres per day and mulch any sized tree. Another plus with the high horsepower machines is the mulching drum spins faster, leaver a much cleaner product behind. Our machines are built to do one thing, clear land, and with that they will always save you time and money.

We understand the ecosystem, tree species, and the best methods for land clearing to make sure your property is taken care of. We service both residential land owners and commercial customers alike.

Land Clearing Services Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh land clearing

High Horsepower Mulcher Fleet

We have the largest fleet of land clearing forestry mulchers in Pittsburgh. This means our wait times are lower than our competition. Our forestry mulchers can handle any sized job.

Land Clearing Services

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is the process of using a machine with a rotary grinder on the front to cut down, and mulch entire trees. This process is very fast and eco friendly. A mulch bed is spread out and left behind providing nutrients to the soil and reducing chances for erosion.

Land Clearing

Land clearing can be done in a multitude of ways from a traditional clear and grub with a bulldozer to clearing with a forestry mulcher. We handle both approaches and can make sure we bring the right machines for your job. Our diverse fleet is unmatched and can handle any sized job.

Fence Line Clearing

Fence line clearing is a breeze with our large forestry mulchers. Unlike the competition with small skid steer machines, our massive mulchers can cut 7-8 feet wide paths in one pass, taking down any size tree, and leaving a perfect right of way for your new fence installation.

Residential Land Clearing

Residential land clearing is our speciality. We focus day in and day out on improving our customers property. We clear out the invasive trees, and anything else you need gone, and preserve your heritage trees giving your property that park look. We have the most 5 star reviews of any company in North Idaho and this right here is why.

Commercial Land Clearing

Commercial land clearing is a massive undertaking and we our proud to have helped some of the biggest developers and real estate investors in Pittsburgh. We help take the raw land and improve it so that it is more visually appealing to resell, or begin civil development. From clearing out new property lines and roads to complete clear cuts for solar projects and pipelines, our team is here to make your life easier and knock out your project on budget and on schedule.

New Construction Clearing

We have great relationships with builders all over North Idaho. We take new home construction clearing very seriously. We make sure all trees and root systems are out of the foundation area and we offer haul off or mulching on site services. We handle site grading, sloping, and much more. If you are building on raw land give us a call and we are happy to give you a free quote today.

About Keystone Tree Techs

 Keystone tree techs provides land clearing and vegetation management services in Professional and safe manner for land owners, Utility, commercial and government customers.

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